SchoolApps Emergency Module
~ Communicate more effectively before, during and after an Emergency Event ~
Over the last month or so we have talked to many of you about how you communicate during an Emergency incident, and specifically how we could improve our platform to help improve that communication.
We've listened and the development team have made it a priority to implement this feedback.
The result is the new Emergency Module. Features include....
  •  Pre-written Emergency Alerts: Quickly send pre-written emergency alerts via push notification and SMS quickly from your phone or desktop
  •  H&S Docs Repository: Store all of your H&S docs for easy staff and/or parent access 
  • H&S Incident reporting form: Staff/parents/students can report incidents easily via the app or dashboard
  •  Private Staff Comms: Communicate quickly and privately with staff during an emergency. 
  •  Emergency SMS: Send text messages alongside your push notifications during an emergency
  •  Web Portal: Your SchoolApp, but available on the web for those that don't have a smart phone 
We will continue to build on this module as we receive more feedback.
The Emergency Module is now live
We are giving a 20% discount to the first 50 Schools who sign up. 
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